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Horizon Windows - keeping the heat in and the burglar out

Your security is our priority

Here at Horizon we ensure that our products meet the highest security standards in the industry giving you peace of mind.

Burglars can break into most homes through the front door in nine seconds flat and criminals know the exact type of weak doors and fragile windows they can easily, and quietly, infiltrate with basic tools.

At Horizon we have your security in mind and all our doors come with Anti-bump, Anti-drill and Anti-pick locks as standard. All our locks are “Secured by Design” meaning they meet the highest standard of security available across the UK and Ireland.

Secured by Design

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has been developing standards for ensuring that locks are made strong enough, with features designed to prevent these methods of gaining entry.

The most up-to-date standard for euro cylinder locks is the TS007 3 * (star) rating, which is primarily designed for anti-snap qualities. Euro cylinders like the Adapta Prime High-Security TS007 3* can prevent: bumping, picking, snapping, drilling and even plugging.

For more information on the best locks to keep your home secure, talk to our experts or find out more below.

What is meant by Anti-pick, Anti-drill and Anti-bump?


Using a couple of small items such as a hair pin or paper clip a lock can be picked and a well trained hand can do this in seconds. Anti-pick locks are made in such a way that it is almost impossible to pick.


Drilling a lock is a destructive, unsubtle way to gain entry into a home. This will destroy the lock, but only takes a couple of minutes. Anti-drill locks prevent the internal mechanisms from snapping by having ceramic plates inside or steel pins and a steel cylinder to defend against drilling.


Bumping is a process of making the pins jump above the shear line to gain access. A special key is made with many ridges all of the same short length. When these are whacked into the cylinder and turned almost instantly after, the lock quite often opens. There is no damage, no sign of a break-in and can be done in seconds


  • Superior strength with cylinder stability system for superior protection
  • Advanced pin tumbler technology
  • Anti-bump, Anti-drill and Anti-pick
  • Superior physical strength
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Nickel and brass finishes available
  • High security dimple cut blade key
  • Key card for easy code identification and key duplication

Here at Horizon we ensure that our products meet the highest security standards in the industry giving you peace of mind.

Horizon Windows, Keeping the Heat in and the Burglar Out